Simon Roberts (simonbob) wrote,
Simon Roberts

what happened to hockey

As goes hockey, it seems, so goes my livejournal. No hockey = no MEVO updates = no checking LJ = no arbitrary writing on tangential subjects. Meanwhile, tumblr seems to absorb my time more and more. There are less than five people active on my friendlist here; over there, it is a constant nonstop stream of writing and artwork, all easily shared or favoured at the click of a button. Technology is ruinous. What else is new.

I only just remembered LJ because people are starting to do "year in review" memes (we're only three days into December! what are you doing) and I realized I wouldn't have barely even nothin' to post in my usual "best of year" here. But I looked back at my archive and I've got plenty of posts from the beginning of the year. It's only recently I got distracted after all. Looking around like this is strange. I feel like everyone else has a dedicated first-person view button, but when I zoom in for a better look, it's more like the closeup in Mario 64, where you only have 180 degrees of rotation and Mario's head is in the way. I'm staring at myself when I really want to examine things outwardly.

I'm even reblogging things on tumblr as I write this post. My foot's fallen asleep. I'm so fucking distracted with myself.
Tags: personal tragedy
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