January 30th, 2006

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Stephen Colbert Fanfiction

stephen colbert fanfiction

Shhh I'm trying to googlebomb. There's a lot of people ahead of me on the search page, though... better add some content.

Coming in 2006:
Stephen Colbert UNLIMITED SAGA
A reinterpretation of the Stephen Colbert universe from critically acclaimed writer/producer Simon Roberts

From the mind of the man who brought you Wolf Attack Simulator V. 2.0 and Future Dinobot Comix comes the truthinessest version of Stephen Colbert's stunning ascent to power! In this world, Jon Stewart is a megalomaniacal villain obsessed with bending the Nation to his iron will by launching missiles off Rob Corddry's forehead! Can Stephen put this bleak nuclear future on notice with only his wits and a pair of glasses with frames made of lasers while still holding up the standards that might even be impossibly high for him? Of course he can! But when you see how Simon Roberts has reinvented his tale of stirring passion and hard-hitting action, you'll die of a truth attack.

Let me repeat myself to make sure we're clear here: this fanfic will murder you.

When the Nation needs a Word... only one man can supply it.

Now everybody put <a href="http://simonbob.livejournal.com">stephen colbert fanfiction</a> on the Internet so I can be famous and popular! Then you can say you helped me reach stardom.