February 8th, 2006


For My Loyal Readers

So my good buddy skulryk and I were talking about my latest DCF, and he mentioned that he'd never actually heard the song 50 Mission Cap before. I thought that was very interesting.

On an unrelated note, I just happened to upload a song for all of you. This song has nothing to do with the story I just told a paragraph ago. Really! I just figured that as long as I was droppin' bandwidth on the Mother 3 theme music, I might as well go whole hog. Such a good song. I hope you enjoy.

I just remembered

You had damn well better appreciate this, since I accidentally deleted half of it while I was trying to type it, and then accidentally again posted it in incomplete form and had to delete the post. Yeesh.

Anyway, I had this great idea that I totally forgot about because I was all up in my filesharing, and then I had another idea that reminded me of the first. Here they are in reverse thinking-of order, since the original was actually a whole lot better.

Great Idea #1: Everybody knows Samus Aran, right? For the uninitiated, Samus is the heroine of Nintendo's own space opera video game series Metroid. She's also the most cloned character ever. I don't mean like she's been in three billion tenuously-connected games like a certain green-hatted aryan Hyrulean hero; she's literally rebuilt by aliens who keep stealing her DNA. There's Dark Samus from Metroid Prime 2, who's made of Phazon or Ing Pudding or something, and then there's the SA-X from Metroid Fusion, which is a variant of the X, a species that absorbs itself into other lifeforms and then transforms into them through asexual reproduction (although Samus was saved when she was given a Metroid-based vaccine, whereupon the SA-X grew out of the biological life-systems in her suit.)

So I figure that since there's this hot bounty hunter with at least two hot clones, it's high time someone did a fanart drawing of the three of them in a hott situation.

Never before has my "personal tragedy" tag been so correctly applied.

Great Idea #2: This one is less sketchy and more... greater. I'm not sure that as many people know the Watchmen series, although I did post about it recently. But for those of you who might be familiar with it, does anyone else think Adrian Veidt has an incredibly similar personality to Stephen Colbert? Could you imagine redoing the whole Watchmen series with, say, Jon Stewart as Dan Dreiburg, or maybe Rob Corddry as Jon Osterman? (Since they're both bald?)

And at the end, Colbert throws his arms into the air and shouts, "I FIXED IT!"

I still don't know who'd be Rorschach, though. But that guy who did The Daily Show before Jon took over could be Hollis Mason, since they're both predecessors.

(Or how about: "I did it thirty-five minutes ago. And that's the word.")

Anyway, those are my two brilliant ideas, and I'd do it myself except I can't draw. Which brings us to tonight's word: Collaboration. :D?


So we were playing Metroid-themed Mafia on IRC tonight. Gonmon was a Metroid, which meant he had no role (ie. townie.) He decided to get creative with it.

<Gonmon> I want to eat a horntoad.
<SimonBob> ok

I didn't really know what to make of it until the second night, when he did it again. So I ran with it.

<Gonmon> I want to eat... THAT LITTLE SIDEHOPPER OVER THERE! <3 <3 <3
<SimonBob> The sidehopper was actually a cloned X
<SimonBob> But you're a Metroid so you had it for breakfast
<Gonmon> I eat X's for breakfast anyway :D

He wasn't so lucky the third night, however!

<Gonmon> ZOOMERS ARE DELICIOUS. I think I shall suck one's energy away.
<SimonBob> Suck suck ooh! It's the cream-filled kind.
<Gonmon> ooooh Even better!
<SimonBob> Oops that isn't cream
<SimonBob> That's Ridley juice
<Gonmon> :X
<SimonBob> Apparently he gets a little frustrated hangin' out in the caves all day
<Gonmon> ewwww......
<Gonmon> So I just...
<Gonmon> and he did...
<Gonmon> ewwwwww...
<SimonBob> If you were a sexy girl Ridleyette then you'd be having little baby Ridleys! :D
<Gonmon> Oh god...
<Gonmon> Thank god we only can reproduce if we're queens... or exposed to Gamma Rays.

And of course, he just had to tell the rest of the chatroom about it.

<Gonmon> Just to announce.
<Gonmon> Last night, I had the worst meal ever. :(
<Gonmon> I thought it was just a simple Zoomer...
<Gonmon> But oh god...
<Linkshot> Underwashed, probably.
<Incoherent_Moron> It was SLing, wasn't it.
<Gonmon> no no no...
<Gonmon> ewwwwwww
<Gonmon> Ridley did some bad things to some Zoomers before he died ):