February 17th, 2006



Y'know, it always bothered me when MegaTokyo released a shirt that was previously seen in a comic. (The "Evil L33t" design comes to mind.) It's like, wait, this comic is so popular that all Fred has to do is put a bit more detail than usual into his characters' clothing, and the readers start foaming at the mouth for it? Do people really want to dress like Largo that badly?

So anyway, the new DCF features a whole bunch of marketable ideas. I hope someday I'm popular enough that people have irrational desires for stuff from my comics!

Also, in my ongoing quest to be the only comic you can find on OhNoRobot, I'm the #3 result in a search for wheat. Perennial favourite "Robot Sex" is still the number one referrer.

And if you haven't been reading Picked On Robot, now's a good time to start - artist Karl Spurzem has just bitten the dreaded Continuity bullet. The only thing I like better than a good origin story is one of those massive crossovers where a bunch of ordinarily unkillable characters die and nothing will ever be the same.