February 19th, 2006

Erstwhile Concept Art

Collaborative Storytelling with SimonBob and Xodnizel

SimonBob: A man... no, a dentist
SimonBob: Driven to circumstances beyond his control!
SimonBob: Okay now you specify the actual circumstances
SimonBob: Or like
SimonBob: One circumstance
Xodnizel: He's being forced by the evil NeoNAZIs from the moon to implant mind control chips in all his patients!
SimonBob: And then I'll do another
SimonBob: Heh
SimonBob: The Nazis want to force everyone to watch the most boring sport on earth: tennis :O
SimonBob: Thus subjugating the entire earth into fascism
Xodnizel: hmm, lessee
Xodnizel: At which time Bob Dole transforms into Mecha Bob Dole and...
SimonBob: Attacks with his Banana Bob Blaster!
SimonBob: (Because... Dole Bananas?)
Xodnizel: I guess
SimonBob: Oh, puns aren't funny
Xodnizel: So, uhm, the NAZIs, liking bananas, become fattened from eating them all. Ancient indigenous cannibals of Asia start eating all the NAZIs, and they're declared heros by all.
SimonBob: The cannibals or the NeoNAZIs?
Xodnizel: The cannibals. Of course, the NAZIs don't think the cannibals are heroes.
SimonBob: But they're all eaten, soooo
Xodnizel: Who cares what dead people think!
SimonBob: That was the sweetest story ever
Xodnizel: It needs a prologue which I will now write.
SimonBob: ok
Xodnizel: Ralph Nader transforms into UltraHippyBot3000, and merges with Mecha Bob Dole, to form Supreme Ultra Bob Bot 9000, which successfully rules the Earth with justice for all until the end of time.
SimonBob: That's an epilogue not a prologue
Xodnizel: oh yeah
Xodnizel: I told you I was tired!
SimonBob: Well who cares what you call it as long as it rocks