March 9th, 2006


God Damn You Sephy

It's too late for inspiration, so naturally I get this awesome gem from Sephy's new Hardcore Band Name Generator.


Now, I could go in the "hilarious movie parody" direction with this - Running Love would of course be a sort of action-packed romantic comedy starring Jennifer Aniston as a career criminal on the lam, Jet Li as the kung-fu superstar who wins her heart by beating up the cops who are after her, and David Stratham as the bounty hunter with an English accent who goes after them.

Or I could take it as it was meant to be - the name of an emo-punk-soul-prog-fusion band whose personal characteristic to help you tell it apart from all the other EPSPF bands would be a cellist. That's right, big ol' cello up there on stage the entire time. Take that, Yellowcard!

But honestly, it's too damn late and I got nothin'. And it's not gonna be one of those things that seems as good in the morning, right? I know that if I didn't get this down now, I'd have forgotten all about it by tomorrow night.

I hit refresh a few more times and got Requiem With September. Hmm. I have a name for my 23nd birthday party. (The 22nd will of course be spent trying to get a roulette wheel to come up on 22-black as I walk by it saying "22" and taking a complimentary beer from a passing waitress.)

Come back tomorrow when I use the phrase "will of course be" in the new DCF.