March 15th, 2006



I don't remember posting last night's entry. I also put up a couple of comments I didn't remember writing. Most of it is/was general drunken insanity (Canadian Club Special Reserve was on sale) but the bit about the moon and the last of September was particularly eye-opening, it being the full moon tonight. So I'm wondering if maybe blacking out on the whole LJ thing was actually my own personal post-millenium way of having a religious vision. I did have a conversation with someone on AIM (not rude enough to bring you up myself, you can ID yourself in comments if you like) involving goddesses and liars.

What really gets me is that the signoff has the feel of a suicide note. "All else is death?" What in the hell was I thinking? In a sober state of mind, I'd never write something so overwrought unless I knew it was the last thing I was ever gonna commit to a publishable medium. Besides, the suicide note thing is so overdone. Even killing yourself is passe, another nugget of wisdom gleaned from the anonymous conversation.

The fact is, I've been thinking about my spiritual side, and specifically the world of death, a lot more ever since the school went on strike. It's also done bad things to my Internet usage - no boring teachers means no cruising the forums to waste time. Should probably try to get myself on some kind of fake schedule.

Summer starts on the 21st of June. The first full moon after that (the Hay/Buck/Thunder Moon, thx wikipedia) will occur on the 11th of July. Now that I think about it, the Harvest Moon was out on Sept. 18th last year, the night I saw Pearl Jam at the Corel Centre (now Scotiabank Place.)

I'll let everyone know if I have any prophetic visions about armageddon or whatever. Who knows? Maybe I'm a prophet.