March 17th, 2006


"Damn Texas A&M" doesn't roll off the tongue

But it's how I feel right now. See, when I was a lad, there was a TV station in Syracuse that had the best NCAA coverage ever, but they stopped when the Orangemen got knocked out. So every year I have Syracuse in the Final Four, and in years like this where they're only a 5th seed, I usually have at least one of the four wrong. But right off the first round? Guhhh. Jack Armstrong ripped up his bracket when Seton Hall got knocked out, and I know what he's going through. (At least he doesn't have a cold this year.)

Anyway, there's a new DCF all about NCAA basketball and zombies. I know, I've done the zombie thing before, I'm just not feelin' it right now though. It's hard to work when there's so much exciting b-ball on the tube!