March 18th, 2006


Let's do a Collaborative Update

"Okay, what should I start with?"
"I dunno, you seem to be more clever at that than I. And you seem to be more drunk, and slightly less tired, not really though."
"So I should probably say something about the moon or whatever. Just to be like, woah! Connecting to past entries." Hm. I knew there was enough room on my couch for the both of them. In less than five hours, we'll be at some kind of debating tournament.

I slip on my headphones, crack open the last Guinness, listening to Pearl Jam as the last of the bubbles settle to their rightful place. They're curled together in an embrace, hands to hips and soul to soul. I try to type softer to avoid disturbing them - a fruitless gesture, I force myself to admit; nothing short of armageddon (roughly half the strength of the alarm clock I brought to them) could rouse them from their state of connected being.

It took me enough time to type their depiction that the Guinness settled. I take a sip, tilting my head back slightly to admire the random stalagmite pattern in the basement ceiling. I spent ten dollars tonight on a single pint of Labatt 50 at my least-favourite bar and an hour of cutthroat billiards at the uptown pool hall. No debts and no doubts. That's what St. Patrick's Day is all about.

So long, snakes and lizards. Hello, newfound friends and glory. I have to admit, you were all around me even when I couldn't quite see you.

ps. NW State over Iowa? What the fuck?