March 24th, 2006


"New DCF Tomorrow" Filler Post

Firebrand 2999: So when you went and saw the kiwis, were any of them floating around on sheep's heads or shooting whales with arrows?
AliasEcho: fraid not!
Firebrand 2999: I'm so disillusioned about your country!
Firebrand 2999: I can't believe they'd make a game and then not force it to stand up to rigorous truth standards
Firebrand 2999: That'd be like a game about Canada without the words "EA SPORTS NHL" in the title

If you haven't seen the kiwis yet, what are you waiting for? There are lions and servals too.

Alchemic Writing

I almost wanted to cry while I was writing today. That's how bad my script is right now.

I'm not used to this. Normally, I edit as I go, guaranteeing that my first draft is closer in quality to a second. But the amount of volume I have to produce for things like stage dramas and screenplays demands that I just get it all out on the page first, then go back and rewrite it into the brilliant style that you all know and love me for. I am quite literally turning lead into gold here - or perhaps more accurately, pencil graphite into comedy gold. And dramatic gold. And other sundry types of gold associated with feelings and reactions and stuff like that.

Coming from a writing background where I'm normally willing to accept bronze and silver in exchange for never having to write anything more than once, it's pretty damn tough.

My mother told me an amusing story. A writer was under serious deadline pressure, so his wife took the kids and got out of the house for the entire day so he could write. They went to the zoo and the mall and all those places, giving him a good window to get everything written down without being distracted.

When they got home, the writer was polishing the last piece of silver in the house.

Self-destructive behaviour seems to be in our blood. Whine whine complain moan I should get back to work.