April 3rd, 2006


Greetings, lifeforms!

I hit level ** on Chrono Trigger a while ago, which is sort of the SNES equivalent of hitting 60 in WoW, but every so often I fire up the game and go crazy-speedster on the first few areas so that I can fight Spekkio. At level ** he forks over ten of every kind of tab, which means if I did it over and over again I could get everyone's Power and Magic stats to ** too - even the characters who don't use those stats much.

I can normally make the run in about an hour with Berserkers on. Today, I went twice. Not in a row. That'd just be silly. But Crono was about to ** on Magic, so I felt obligated to give the extra effort. Now the only stats that aren't ** but could be are Marle and Lucca's Power and Robo and Ayla's Magic - the aforementioned characters who don't use those stats much.

This is the SNES equivalent of getting to level 60 in WoW and then getting all the best loot and making a lucrative profit mining Molten Core, or something. I pulled that entire sentence out of my ass because I've never actually played WoW myself. I just hear people talking about it all the time. I've lived out Azerothian raids through the vicarious retellings of a hundred forum topics. That gives me an idea, and I'm not going to tell you what it is because it'd probably be more fun if you didn't know. Sorry.

Anyway. Today I noticed something that got me thinking. When you pick up Marle at the castle after beating Yakra in 600 AD, she says she was somewhere "cold, dark, and lonely." Later on, the old guy at the End of Time (spoiler: it's Gaspar) admits, "it is pretty bleak here..." Maybe it's because I never heard the two quotes in such close proximity, but those seem like awfully similar descriptions.

Gaspar invented the Chrono Trigger. He obviously knows a thing or two about "restoring lost or misplaced timestreams." And where else but the End of Time would a fragment from the timestream show up? "Too many guests have been popping in recently," Gaspar tells us. The emphasis is mine. Could it have been as recent as Marle's little jaunt into the past? Could the visitors have been the entire Guardia family line, torn briefly from their normal places in the universe, and sent to the temporary abyss/holding tank found at the timespace coordinates of least resistance?

If I were a Guardian researcher, I'll bet I'd find numerous references to bizarre disappearances of queens between the years 600 and 1000, all lasting about the same amount of time and corresponding to a general age range.

So, yeah. As a reward for making your way to the bottom of one of my more eccentrically nerdy posts, the next six people to reply (three dudes and three ladies) get to have characters named after them, because I'm thinkin' I'm gonna do a straight playthrough next. Speedrunning is rewarding, but it's pretty taxing after a while, too.