April 7th, 2006

Cautious Pessimism

What time is it?


Pick twelve characters and answer questions about them. You can't look at the questions unless you're a Freemason. Answer using song lyrics only.

1) Simon Roberts
2) The Madman
3) Mike
4) Tim
5) Rextron
6) Raptoroid
7) Deceptiomimus
8) Clarence the Wolf
9) Frenzied Coyote
10) Sgis
11) Toma from Chrono Trigger
12) Brett (you don't even know who that is! You don't know anything about me!)

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Anyone who can name the sources on all eleven of my characters gets a shout-out and a free voucher to make me rant about stuff. GOODNIGHT SEATTLE


New DCF! I really would like to see this show.

Also: shout-outs to Radiation and Skulryk! They win vouchers good for one rant each, writerly mood and subject matter depending.

Also also: I think hockey shootouts would be more exciting if the shooter had to skate towards the puck empty-handed, catch a stick that a teammate threw at them, and knock in a one-timer. Kablam!