April 12th, 2006


Crisis Of Faith

Thank... goodness I've got someone to confide in about stuff like this. "I'm having a crisis of faith."

"And crisis in the Kremlin. Yeah, we've heard all that before." Bastard! I can't let his Tragically Hip word association divert me now.

"Shut up, Madman, this is serious." The pitcher arrives, and the Madman deigns to pour us each a glass. "Last night I had a dream where a god told me they weren't sure if the other gods were real, either."

"Hmm. Agnostic gods." We raise our glasses and drink.

"So now I'm thinking, if a god doesn't know if his own brethren exists, what chance

"So your gods aren't omnipotent."

"Never thought they were. But I figured they'd at least be neighbors."

"Sounds complicated." He glances around. There's only two others on the patio, a younger couple sharing wings and drinking cocktails. "Maybe it was a self-ego kind of thing? Like one of us not believing that anyone else exists."

Unsettling words. A thought. "Do you believe that I exist?"

His answer is firm. "Yes."


"If you didn't, who's gonna pay for the beer?" He smirks, holding up his glass. "Besides, belief is just a very powerful kind of faith. Thinking that nothing is real, total disbelief, is like a lack of faith."

"Except perhaps in yourself."

"Nah. You can believe you don't exist if you employ some pretty twisted logic." He points to the convertible parked across the street. "You think that belongs to them?"