April 18th, 2006


Silent Spirit

Old story. A missionary tries to convince a Native American that god created the world. The native says, "nope, Raven created the world."

So they argue for a while, and finally the native concedes: "okay, god created the world. But Raven created it first."

Good story. Everybody laughs. Theological discussion follows.

I was thinking about it on the bus today. Coyote is also associated with the world's creation, and more famously with bringing fire down from the mountain (and burning himself in the process.) But mostly, Raven and Coyote are considered trickster gods. They can pull off some wild schemes when they feel like it, and they're smart enough to convince us of just about anything.

Taking credit for making the world, and then getting everyone to believe it - wouldn't that be the ultimate trick?