May 5th, 2006

Cautious Pessimism

Yeah I couldn't just do this normal-style

I tagged myself into this meme when artemis251 did it a little while ago, but I hate doing memes the same way twice.

So post a comment and you'll receive:

1. Something random I like about you
2. An appropriate video game that you should play
3. Your bowling score
4. Something that only makes sense to me
5. My defining memory of you
6. An Empire Records quote appropriate to you
7. I'll ask you to lend me five bucks
8. You can't post this on your journal unless you change 75% of the questions, too.

These items will be hand-picked just for you. It's the deal of the century!

Also: Free Comic Book Day tomorrow. FCBD is the day I make my annual sojourn to the Comic Book Shoppe on Lisgar Ave. and find out what's happened to Green Lantern over the past twelve months.