May 6th, 2006

Erstwhile Concept Art

Dear Azureus

I stayed up until three AM on the assumption that you would not be disconnecting the guy who was giving me 400 kB/s. I was promised the full first season of Boston Legal before my latest acquisition of David Bowie's best-of finished playing.

It is now five AM. You realize that I was planning to get up tomorrow, correct? It's actually too late to go to bed. You brought an all-nighter upon me.

I was hoping to have watched at least a couple of episodes before hitting the sack. As much as I feign apathy around my television-savvy peers, I really am excited to see William Shatner's acting prowess. After all, I love his album. Instead, you've decided that it would be fun to take twice as long to download the last 10% of the torrent as it took you to get the first 80%. At this rate I'll be lucky to be watching anything by the afternoon.

I'm heavily disillusioned in your supposed technological revolution. I thought the point was to share information faster.

Yours in angry venomous rage,

Edward P. Patrikson

Author's note: the middle P is for "Patricia."