May 7th, 2006


Travels on the various Internets

Picked this up from Mac Hall: an intriguing interview. The interesting bit is near the bottom, and naturally, it's the kind of "interesting bit" that everyone will be commenting on at the expense of the rest of the article. You can go to MH if you want the excerpt, I'm sure they'd appreciate the ever-so-slight traffic I'll provide them with. As you read it, you should be reminding yourself that I have a webcomic. Right, ladies? I'm very much looking forward to having my internal damage repaired, because it is extensive.

Anyway, the guy is clearly a maniacal genius and you should go to his site. The thing is, it's apparently an "Internet institution," but this is the first I've heard of it. I don't really read The Onion or download podcasts, either. Am I a bad Internet user? Should I be attempting to spread the reaches of my virtual travels? Or should I be vaguely pleased with myself for only being somewhat of a dork? Rrrgh introspection.