May 23rd, 2006


Travel Time

The conversation had turned to non-mutual friends. "You ever wash the side of a house with a hose?" the Madman asked me. I admitted I had not. "The problem is, if you get too close, you get splashed back from the spray. But if you're too far away, you don't have the pressure, so the house doesn't get clean."

"Neat metaphor," I said. "Were you planning to explain it?"

"Knowing Heather was sort of like that," he continued. "She'd lash out if anyone got too close to her, but not getting close enough just left us with dirty houses."

"I think it's because my house is made of bricks." And with that, we pulled into the driveway, our long weekend officially complete.
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    That was a nice goal Ryan Miller let in, wasn't it?
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