May 27th, 2006


Scenes from the next DCF

Recurring Dreams

Lately, I've noticed a trend in my dreams where I meet a girl who's all over me, but then she disappears. Right in front of my eyes. Poof, vanished. I used to have vague abandonment issues (ruined at least one real and one potential friendship that I can think of) and I think they're resurfacing again. Yay! Now I have a fresh tragedy to write about.

How to cause a ruckus

1) Find a local furry convention.

2) Call up PETA and tell them that "those degenerates are planning to wear actual animal skins."

3) Upload video of "crazed protestors throwing red paint on animals" to YouTube and bask in your Internet fame.


Is coming along nicely. I've been busy stage-managing my sister's fringe play, expect a more detailed post about that next week.