June 15th, 2006


Raleigh, Carolina (Act III)

This is not a fake post!

This is a post about the hottest play on the Fringe '06 tour, Aphrodite's Turn! Went in for the tech rehearsal today, the dude (Sean) was all, "you guys are the best" because, unlike some productions, we knew what we wanted before we came in. Now we're locked and loaded to hit you guys in the face with THEATRE!

SATURDAY June 17 2 for 1 13:30
SUNDAY June 18 19:00
MONDAY June 19 21:30
WEDNESDAY June 21 19:00
SATURDAY June 24 21:30
SUNDAY June 25 14:30

So get out here and see it! In fact, buy a ten-show pass and support the arts.

Oh and I jumped up and down and shouted religiously when Pisani scored the winner. Up and down.