June 19th, 2006


Second Show

Spent yesterday afternoon flinging posters and flyers around. The tables at the beer tent are completely protected with a layer of packing tape now. Next year, everyone should just throw all their flyers onto the tables at once, and then we can use some kind of laminating gun to seal 'em all down at once. Plus, we could reuse the same tables every year, so that they'd gradually get taller and taller until the majority of the table was layers of alternating paper and plastic. Might be a little tough to keep your beer standing, though.

I'd be completely remiss in my duties if I didn't link up Melissa and Kevin's blogs. Gotta stick together, otherwise we're just three Internet amigos reading each other's stuff.

The second show went off without a hitch last night - it's a little different to follow a show instead of being the first ones in, as time becomes a factor and you have to put a little extra speed in your step. Had a chat with Stewart Matthews from Screwed & Clued beforehand, who offers this sage advice: "never move to a new house during the Fringe." And he's also on the Board of Directors! I can only imagine the logistical nightmare. I consider myself organized if I can wake up before noon.

We're a little concerned about tonight's show, what with it being game 7 of the Stanley Cup final. The word is that hockey fans don't go to the theatre, but I've been countering that one with "yeah, hockey fans work in the theatre." So I'm really hoping the game breaks open in the first or maybe the second so that people decide that it's already set for the books and they can go see a play instead. Was toying with the idea of taping the game and putting a sign on my head: "PLEASE DON'T TELL ME THE SCORE," but that's probably just inviting trouble. Got enough of that already; I'm starting to have bad dreams about screwing up my cues during the performance. Aren't those supposed to happen before the Fringe starts, and then go away after a few shows? What the heck is the matter with me? Gotta keep it together.