June 30th, 2006


Various problems with breaking your arm

The pain's kind of subsiding, so I should be able to get through this without resorting to one-handed typing, if I hurry.

1) I can't really put my headphones in properly. My arm doesn't quite bend far enough back to pull the little ear-surrounding plastic bit over the top. I have fancy earphones; perhaps I should invest in some less creative designs.

2) One hand is enough to get shampoo in your hair during a shower. It is most definitely not enough to towel-dry. I can sort of hold one part of the towel against my head and rub vigorously with the other part, but any sort of two-handed movement results in the dreaded "electric cactus on wrist" sensation.

3) I keep reading my friends page and I'm like, "yeah, that kind of sucks, but my arm is in a sling." Sure, we all have troubles. We're depressed. Our significant others are leaving us. We're being slandered by Fox News. But these are all ethereal problems; they only hurt us emotionally. Physical pain might be more temporary but it still hurts like a bitch.

Speaking of hurting like a bitch, my wrist is all gettin' electricactus up on me. Advil time!