July 6th, 2006



Have any Fringe-goers in Toronto not gotten flyers for Aphrodite's Turn yet? I've been busting my feet all day handing 'em out, and I'll be busting 'em all day tomorrow, too.

We got three stars from the Eye Weekly, but the same reviewer gave three stars to Jewel and Living Shadows. I hypothesized that maybe he's the Toronto version of a Rolling Stone reviewer, but my sister pointed out that ours is the only review with the phrase "pleasantly fucked-up" in it. I can also say that this would put us a full two stars above the new Superman movie, at least in my personal reckoning.

If you know any volunteers, tell them to come to our Volunteer Appreciation Night on Sunday at 9:15 pm - they can see our show without burning any of their free show vouchers or whatever they give them.

Also: go, Robbie McEwen! There, now I've got my small bit of Tour de France fanaticism off my chest.