July 24th, 2006

Erstwhile Concept Art

I roll twenties

I'm back in town for now and I feel disgustingly uncreative. It would help if maybe those zzrphyrghhrs would stop pouring into my house from the hellmouth in the basement, and the clopping of stalehorse hooves on the roof is getting kind of old. But at least we have air conditioning, the kind that keeps the faeraes away.

It'd also be nice if my head wasn't constantly swimming with images of notes sliding towards me, thousands of them at once, on far more frets than I'm used to.

Post analysis complete - 40% anti-falsehood, 55% rampant fiction, 5% middleground truthiness. Sorry I kept bonking into your nose with mine. Sorry, I'm roaming into sentimentality again. Let's save the world from Misery someday.