July 30th, 2006

Erstwhile Concept Art

Cause of Pain

There's only terror when you're hittin' the ground
I never heard you say that singular sound
I've got the power, now I'll push 'em around
But your standards aren't up to that

I finished off the bottle, it's my new home
I punched your number up on my telephone
My mind is empty, I'm asking for a loan
Trapped inside your cage like a rat

I felt right, I felt wrong
I felt here, I felt gone
I felt life, I felt death
It's the heat of your breath

Drinking out of a renewable resource
I promised not to change so I'll stay the course
I don't regret driving my spurs to the horse
Tell me again, how should I act?

I felt high, I felt low
I felt yes, I felt no
I felt first, I felt last
It's the chill of your past

I feel beyond, I feel away
I feel ahead, I feel today
I feel your breath, I know your gain
I feel your past, I caused your pain

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I caused your pain
Unendurable as you claim
I caused all your pain - - -
All your pain - All your pain -