August 3rd, 2006


Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

This is a gorgeous city.

I mean, Ottawa's got rivers, bridges, greenspace, what-have-you. But it's not always applied as well to the surrounding architecture of society, whereas Saskatoon seems to hold onto that tenuous symbiosis - their urban sprawl is more of an urban stride.

Mind you, the Saskatchewan River is giving me trouble, especially with the North-South division of the avenues. "We're on 3rd Ave. N," I say to my sister, "so 3rd Ave. S must be on the far side, right?" Wrong! I got us moderately lost, but we got to see plenty of the city.

Rumours abounded to the subject that Saskatchewan was a real performer-bonding stop on the tour, and so far it hasn't disappointed. It seems that the groups who went to Winnipeg are pretty close already, or it could be that we're kind of pointed down the barrel at the (supposed) hecticness that is Edmonton. Or heck, maybe we're actually bonding! That's my favourite analysis because it relies entirely on the sensation that all of us artsy types are friendly outgoing people, just like the stereotypes keep telling us.

I want to point briefly at my review of Zombies - it came up in a conversation recently that you might think I was rolling my gum around my hand because I was falling asleep. I thought I'd made it abundantly clear that I wasn't, but rather that I was intently entranced by Stewart Matthews' Excalibur-calibre performance. I just have this roundabout way of complimenting other people by showing how my own body of work is less experienced than theirs. It's a really good show, and it's playing in Saskatoon along with Stewart's other play, 52 Pick-Up, which he performs in with his wife. (And you thought the brother-sister teamup was crazy.)