August 8th, 2006


"Guess what I have in my pants!" "A really small lightsabre?"

All Kid Shows Should Have Adult Humor

Rocket Squirrel is the only show I've seen so far that's incorporated the phrase "Beaver Rash."

Yes, I'm serious. All of the unaccompanied over-18s (both of us, sitting way at the back) busted a lung laughing when that gem came up.

Rocket Squirrel is what you get when you mix classic Trek with a zoo. Replace Kirk with a squirrel, Scotty with a kilted badger, and Uhura with a beaver I guess? And there's also an incomprehensible duck, the evil Imperial Weasel and his gang of ferrets, a series of unwanted solicitors, and a royal cat who really gives the impression that he rolled in the 'nip before coming on stage.

So it's a kid show. So what? Tell me you honestly wouldn't have been tapping your foot while the pre-show music played the Muppet classic "Movin' Right Along." Sometimes you want a hardcore thought-provoking issue play, and sometimes you just want to watch a dead ringer for William Shatner rip open his shirt to reveal an undershirt stuffed with fur. Stop worrying, I'm off to something darker now, I'll be back to my ordinary angsty self in an hour.

Random Green Room quip

"I can't believe they charge two bucks for this crap [Gatorade]. It's just water with salt."
"Electrolytes! Not salt. Electrolytes."

"Wool" gets four stars

Just wanted to throw that out there. You're welcome, Alex. No, I haven't seen your show yet. You told me to wait 'til Edmonton! You have nobody but yourself to blame.

Coming next post: Creeping Zombie Insanity, general ruminations on nerd theatre, and how not to play Hold 'Em with actors.