August 11th, 2006


Goddamn Copies

So I get to the self-copy place fifteen minutes before closing. Can I use the copier? I can! Great. Let the catastrophe begin, complete with a handy annoyance factor guide.

1) "Oh, I'm sorry, it doesn't like taking bills. Let me give you change." (Only slightly annoying.)

2) "Yeah, a double-sided copy counts as two impressions." (Annoyance enhanced by the fact that one impression is already 20 cents.)

3) WHOOPS! I guess it changes back to single-sided copying after you do your test copy. (Root of further annoyance.)

4) Oh, right, I should've accounted for those eight impressions I didn't use when I cancelled the single-sided job. (Pretty darn annoying, as I was using cardstock, but my last four came out on paper. Plus I had to drop in another buck-sixty to do the other side of the single-sided jobs...)

5) ...Or at least try to do the single-siders, because apparently this phorsaken photocopier flips your pages back over when you put them in, so now both sides of my flyer are printed on one side and the other side's blank. (Incredibly annoying.)

Forget about it. I'm gonna go watch some performance poetry.