August 18th, 2006


Edmonton, Alberta

Whyte Avenue. Old Strathcona. The very birthplace of the modern Canadian Fringe Festival as we know it.

And here I am, waiting for our opening. Other shows that opened last night (such as The Package It Came In, which is an excellent cautionary tale about inviting an environmentalist to a grocery seminar) were reporting crowds of over a hundred. We've handed out more than 500 flyers since getting here - unlike in other cities, where people walking near the Fringe weren't necessarily planning to go to it, people are actually here to see plays. We're only mildly shocked.

Besides Package, I've got a few more recommendations up my sleeve: The Excursionists have the best Victorian accents at the Fringe despite being from Seattle, 2112 is a heartwarming time travel love story (my favourite kind!), and Uncalled For invented hockey. (The Opposite Of Infinity invented marbles, but that's another story.) And if you're into a Moroccan double-feature, check out Drawn Abroad followed by My Morocco. One is pretty funny, the other kind of sad.

I never did get a chance to ramble about Creeping Zombie Insanity, but it's okay - there's a play about video games called Advance To Next Level that I'm going to check out before I really start to get my rant on. Also the ubiquitous "creepy shoulder-surfer" keeps comin' up just as I start to get into a groove. Alright, alright! I wasn't much more than 15 minutes here.