August 26th, 2006



Reading "Naked Lunch" while a roomful of actors put on makeup and warm up for their show. My friend Shain once stated that understanding Dubliners would be the greatest literary challenge. I beg to differ; eating a slice of pepperoni pizza while reading about a giant centipede rampaging through a roomful of scientists is clearly much more difficult. And we're talking about those big pepperonis, the ones that're maybe 3, 4 inches in diameter, so they're kind of very chewy. And they're talking about The Who and The Eagles and which is your favourite AC/DC song? and I don't even know what show they're in. Meanwhile the centipede is gone, but a man from Interzone is lambasting the many gods and prophets of the world (the market, if you're familiar with the chapters.) Think of me and my centipede next time you're eating lunch, heh heh.

ps. Hell's Bells would have to be mine.