September 29th, 2006



I made a DCF last week and then didn't post it. I spent the entire week working on it because it wasn't really funny and would have offended the Jewish religion.

So this week, there are two new DCFs! Remember kids, always sleep stoned never sacrifice your artistic integrity!

Also: Antiseptic Poetry is basically The Dark Knight Returns crossed with Exploitation Now. I had to say Dark Knight because it's not really comparable to The Watchmen (my usual go-to comparison comic) and I had to go to Comixpedia to find out what Exploitation Now was called. I'm not even in Comixpedia yet. But then, I'm wary about contributing to wikis; it never seems to go well for me. This is a job for someone else!

I finally got around to checking out Dr. McNinja too. I have this thing where I can't discover a comic at the same time as everyone else; it has to be either way before or way after everybody else. Same damn thing happened with Mac Hall, which I'm not going to link because it's ending or something. You should click on every link in this update, but you shouldn't have to look up a comic that's ending unless you want to, in which case you can type it into Google and find it yourself. You can also find it with the phrase "digimon sex porn." You can also find DCF with the phrase "MOTHER 3 ROM" - the new holder of #1 Search Term here at DCF-HQ, knocking perennial favourite "robot sex" into second place.

This was a pretty information-heavy update! I have to go to bed.

Careful What You Wish For

So we went to Ridgemont High School to do one last performance of Aphrodite's Turn in the library there. (If anybody from Ridgemont is reading this, you guys are pretty swell.) Over in their graphic novels section, they have a copy of the bloody well Watchmen. As in Alan Moore's Watchmen, the best graphic novel of all time ever.

I think to myself, "if I get a chance, I'll have a look at it."

We're pretty busy setting up, performing, and tearing down the play, but about halfway through the Q&A session there's an announcement: "the school will now be performing a lockdown test. Please remain in your classrooms and follow procedures until further notice."

Hmm, I think as I reread the "Watchmaker" chapter for the first time in several months. Most people figure if life gives them lemons, they'll make lemonade. They don't realize that they've already lost their market to the people who were expecting them.