October 7th, 2006


Hangover Management

I don't normally get hangovers. I temper my alcohol intake with water, and I sleep through the worst of the dehydration in the morning so that I can operate normally in the afternoon.

But for some reason, maybe because it was a kegger, I managed to completely avoid anything resembling a normal glass of water last night. And I got up early today because my grandparents are here for Thanksgiving. End result: I'm dealing with a massive headache. It's very painful to look at a computer screen right now, but it's also painful to drink coffee, read the sports pages, stare at the ceiling, or do just about anything.

The guys who hosted the party last night had their phone stolen. I called up my crew this morning to see if anyone had it; they're checking around. Guys who hosted the awesome kegger, I am very sorry that your phone has disappeared! I hope you get it back soon.

This was not induced by my hangover

I came up with a pleasant theory yesterday. You know how DC Comics and the old "Sliders" show had this concept of "Earth Prime," which is the Earth where we all live and observe what's going on at the other Earths through the multiversal shift?

I figure that if we've still got infinite Earths (Sliders says we do, DC says we don't) then there's probably an Earth out there that I would dub Bob-Earth. This is an Earth based entirely on the buttoned-down humour of Bob Newhart. Every telephone conversation takes twice as long as usual because you have to repeat everything that gets said, every face-to-face conversation takes twice as long because you have to stammer and say "well..." a lot, and every adventure you have is easily condensed into a handy half-hour format.

I think I'm brilliant. I wish I had a therapist so that she could tell me I'm not.