October 14th, 2006


I'm sorry I misled you

I started a new job yesterday, and as soon as I got home, I was whisked out the door again with barely enough time to change my shirt for an extended family dinner. So when I finally got home to stay, I was pretty grumpy, and I stayed up far later than I should have watching old episodes of Boston Legal.

I thought it would be a good idea to suggest that perhaps I'd been in a car crash. In retrospect, this is an awfully bad idea! All it could possibly lead to is misplaced sympathy, followed by angry distrust once I was found out. I'm sorry, LiveJournal buddies! I hope you can forgive me for being an idiot. I've changed the entry so it looks like Rextron was in the car crash instead, because I'm terribly embarassed that I said it, but he looks right at home in his little black panel there.

I've also switched from "stupid" to "constructive," in that I've got a new comic about Rextron's new job that was partly (well, completely) inspired by my new job! This is probably what I should've done in the first place.