December 9th, 2006


It's not Blue Rodeo by the way

What I think I like best about DCF right now is the idea that there's a parallel universe where someone is doing exactly the same thing as me, but in German and black-and-white except for the occasional comic where it's all in colour and the dialogue is the lyrics to a semi-recognizable song, poorly translated into English. That universe must kick so much ass. I'm done for the semester. It is now my job to think about these things.

Hockey Night en Quebec

I haven't been online lately - I ascribe the blame to (a) the insanity of final-assignment week, since my program doesn't believe in exams and (b) French hockey.

I'm serious. RDS, the French-Canadian equivalent to TSN, which in turn is the Canadian equivalent to ESPN (hooray!~ We're all on the same page!) had the Montreal-Buffalo game, which, despite being in French, was far more interesting than the Toronto-Detroit game. They were talking about cross-conference games during Ron McClean's Satellite Hotstove, and quite frankly, I couldn't care less. Look - you make the playoffs based on your standing in the conference, right? So cross-conference is meaningless unless you make it to the Stanley Cup finals on a regular basis, right? I know it's a devil's advocate position to take in this environment of Canadians wanting to see more Canadian matches (ie. Toronto vs. Edmonton - that would be awesome) but it's not feasible standings-wise, yknow? In fact, what they're talking about is dividing the divisions even more, like making an eight-team and a seven-team division in each of the conferences (which isn't going to happen unless they increase the total number of teams to 32 - 8 per division, perfect! 5 per, not so much.)

I had something else to say but I guess it's 1-0 Calgary now and I'm not listening. gggggggggggg.