January 14th, 2010

Mike vs. Acid Tim

Have you played Half-Life 2

I spent the entire first twenty minutes or so going, "where's my crowbar? Why do I not have a crowbar yet?" I don't mean that I was just thinking it, oh no. I was saying it out loud to my indifferent monitor, and even considered plugging in my mic to see if they would hear me. It's been something like eight or nine years since I played the first Half-Life, and I'd forgotten how good Valve is at the whole "embody the character" thing. Everybody's Gordon Freeman is a little bit different, based on how they play him and interact with his world. Some Gordons are reckless and destructive, destroying every box and wooden plank, using grenades to clean up headcrabs just because they can; some are more deliberate and ponderous, carefully sneaking through potential troubles, setting up tripmines to lure unwary soldiers to an explosive demise. My Gordon Freeman is somewhere in the middle, I'd say. True, he does generally kill every enemy he sees, but not necessarily because he's bloodthirsty or overly strategic. He, like myself, is completely freaked out by the circumstances he finds himself in. And when you're freakin' out, you need your goddamn crowbar.
My Equally Valid Opinion

Trifecta in play

Leclaire got hurt by a shot during practise. Didn't he just come back from taking a puck to the face while sitting on the bench?

Well, as we all know, things like to happen in threes, so I'm guessing Pascal will be injured a third time in a non-playing situation before the season is out. Maybe a stray soccer ball will trip him up in an arena tunnel, or perhaps he'll tumble on a slippery shower floor. But for my money, the most amusing scenario (insofar as any injury, and particularly an injury to a player on my home team, can be funny) would be if something weird fell on his head during a bus trip. Like the Prince of Wales trophy. On the drive home from Pittsburgh. Let me have my far-fetched dreams.