January 19th, 2010


and I was poisoned with the truth

augh this truth is super-lame, I need 300 cc's of falsehoods stat, we're gonna have to perform an emergency brazen cover-up story here

I stopped doing the movie posts a while ago, because I stopped going to so many movies. It was a fun experiment while it lasted and hot damn do I ever feel culturally enriched, but I think it was contributing to the ongoing depression which was the entirety of 2009 -- most nights I went alone, and that left me with all these thoughts and ideas about what I'd just seen that I didn't have a full output to discuss. Writing the blurbs was helpful, but it wasn't a replacement for a solid conversation over drinks or by the watercooler. Plus, I'd say about eighty percent of the movies I saw were depressing to some degree, either by subject matter (Ireland during the Troubles? Sign my ass up!) or comparison to my life status (why is Philip Marlowe so much awesomer than me) or because it was just plain bad (hi, Bruno.)

Emotional overload and I sank like a radar dish off a scuttled cruiser.

But yesterday, I said to myself, "today I think would be a good day to take my mother to a matinee." Mom isn't much of a moviegoer, but if you catch her in the right mood and you're not going to the late show, she's usually game. So we went and caught Avatar in the 3D Imax Laser Floyd Theatre. Well! I can see why ordinary people still think movies are so great, and also why a bunch of people are getting all depressed and such. Forget about moving to Pandora -- if I were a paraplegic, I'd want my own avatar-body too. The mindful haute-couture armchair filmmaker side of my mind wants to take umbrage at the assorted faults I perceived, but there's another part of me which I feel I haven't listened to in a while, and it's telling me, hey, it's okay. You can just lean back in the big ol' theatre seat, slap on the glasses, and enjoy a good action thriller once in a while.

Have you played Team Fortress 2? I played the Classic mod back in the day, dabbled in Counterstrike too, and it didn't seem all that much fun then. I think part of it was I had a crappy computer at the time (running Half-Life in 800x600 seemed like a big deal, but now I know better) but I also wasn't prepared to work, much less think, like a team player. It feels good to understand that things are bigger than myself, that I'm not really standing alone in this reality.

Of course, I still keep a few activities to myself. Right now I'm cruising wikip for more info about Philip Marlowe, and now I'm wondering just how many Star Trek episodes follow the "crew members get trapped in a malfunctioning holodeck" plot. (At least three that I can think of.) Ah, to be young and preoccupied.