February 2nd, 2010

Erstwhile Concept Art

Five years

that's all we've got

In five years, I'll be thirty. Thirty! That is three years older than Kurt Cobain was when he died. What would I like to have accomplished by then?

- move out
- do what I love full time instead of "whenever I get a chance and I'm not burnt out"

Yup, that's it, that's all. I have no other needs. I am like a man who has just eaten bacon. Actually, I don't think I've eaten bacon in a while. Gonna add that to the list.

- eat bacon

And I suppose I could start putting some money away for retirement. My old man is retiring this year, which is why the folks are after me about my plans. I could probably get myself a new credit card too, start building up a rating.

- get financial stuff in gear (credit, retirement, and maybe I could invest in a mutual fund or something)

Hmm. That's four things, but I've got five years. I should put down one more thing to balance it out. Something achievable, but a little bit outside my regular sphere of influence so I can challenge myself.

- get a dog

Oh man, that is perfect. It relies on the first four as dependencies: I can't get a dog while I'm living under the same roof as my mother (she has a phobia, although we could cure it, but then she transfers her irrational fear to something else like not being able to leave a restaurant until she sees the tip get picked up because "someone else might take it and then the server will be mad at us next time" [this actually happened a few years ago]), it's a financial hit for dog food and stuff so I'd need all my ducks in a row, I'd need a proper employment routine because dogs gotta be walked and stuff, and who else am I gonna share my bacon with? So there you have it: the culmination of my five-year plan is to get a dog. And if I had some curtains too, I'd be fully defended against the Internet Hate Machine.