March 9th, 2010


I am going to stop reading you, Megatokyo.

(Gauntlet you should not read this entry it will only fill you with rage)

It takes a lot, an awful lot, to get me to stop reading a webcomic. I've been keeping up with Sluggy Freelance since high school. I stayed with Bruno The Bandit through an unbelievable number of update droughts before finally letting it go. Once I've put a title onto links.html, it stays there until one of two things happens:

1) I find another comic worth replacing it with.
2) I decide to drop two comics at once.

This is because links.html contains a two-column table which must be kept even at all times. It also makes it difficult for a new comic to get added, since it either has to come along at just the right time to get considered for a substitution, or I have to have a fit of discovery which leads to a double add-in (and the length of the list is long enough that I consider such additions unsavoury.)

Well, I think a change is coming, because I am out of patience with Megatokyo. I realized it with this comic. There's something like a dozen characters depicted in there, and I don't know what any of them are doing. Somewhere in the mess of rising and retired idols, arbitrary magic girls, and weird sentiments about how banging girls is like a video game (yeah go back a couple of comics and tell me that's not what it's about) I have ceased to care. Personal apathy isn't often my driving force for getting rid of a link, but it happens. Real Life Comics went when I got fed up after another "oh I'm gonna make big sweeping changes to the characters and setting because I forgot this was supposed to be a journal" comic with no real punchline. CAD got the boot because of a "storyline" where Buckley was like, "email me to say what dumb thing should happen next!" and "make all the characters kill themselves and end this travesty forever" wasn't an option. (Mercifully, this was at least a month before that comic upgraded the internet hate machine to version 2.)

In fact, MT has been on my watchlist of "comics I should probably get rid of" for a while now. But until today, I wasn't really sure what I'd replace it with. Luckily I've run across an old link to an acquaintance, something I think I wanted to add but couldn't justify last time I remembered it existed.

Congratulations, Jeffrey Rowland's Overcompensating. You are the Equation Of The Week. Someone be sure to let me know if Megatokyo ever ends or produces net-changing epic lulz.