March 17th, 2010


Everybody's got problems

I got new shoes, they're black and sort of runner-ish. The label said "slip-free soles" so that ought to be good. The old ones were literally falling apart. Every day this week I pulled an increasingly large chunk of foam out of them. I don't enjoy buying shoes, so I put it off as long as I can, then I look for the first pair that doesn't offend my sensibilities (no I do not want a garish red stripe down the side with your logo embossed) and if they fit, I buy 'em. From the Payless, because I'm not trendy enough for Shoe Company.

My only green shirt is in the part of the laundry which I haven't washed yet, so I'm wearing a white shirt with a green Fangamer pin. Nobody else at the office is wearing green; the closest anyone's got seems to be beige. I needn't have worried, and in fact I feel a little proud that I'm the only one who even bothered to worry about it.

In short, I've been solving problems. So why do I still feel like I got too many?

Who wants to come over and fill up this empty house with me?