April 6th, 2010

Mike vs. Acid Tim

Have You Played the end of No More Heroes 2

I've got something important to get on paper (well, electric virtual paper) about NMH2, but to do so, I have to spoil the ending, not to mention the original. So if you're still playing NMH2, you maybe don't want to click through? And if you're still playing the first one then get your ass back to the TV and finish it. The comparative strength of how necessary I think it is to finish them is the general gist of this piece.

(Note: the comments are chock fulla spoilers now too, and you should read them in addition to the main entry, as I've just posted another overwrought missive of wild analysis.)

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Okay, glad I got that off my brains. In other news: I have a new kitty now, so this journal will probably be about her for the rest of the week, and the new chapter-installment-thing of Dream Terrorist is starting up, if you're into that (or conversely, if you want to unfollow me while I get my unintelligible microfiction bug out of my system, then follow again in a few days when I'm done.)