April 9th, 2010


This journal is about a cat now

This is Leila. She is adorable and likes to play with ribbons.

When we went to the shelter, every other cat in the place came immediately to the front of their cage and started meowing at us -- except Leila. She just kept looking out the window. When we got to her cage, she turned around and said, "I'll be with you in a second," and took one more look before coming over to say hi. The modest disdain and independent streak reminded us immediately of Nellie.

I guess it's natural to compare a new pet to the previous one, but Leila has demonstrated her own personality since arriving at the house. For the most part, she's cucumber-cool: although new things like the staircase freak her out for a second, she's inquisitive and intellectual and adapts fast. She enjoys a pat and knows where the big hand puts the food. Once in a while she'll go a little nuts and start running around, but a kitten should be full of energy, and she doesn't bump into stuff.

I hope you enjoy my journal being about nothing but cats, hockey, and video games! That's p.much what my life is about right now. Oh also SimonBob is back to normal if you were waiting for that to happen.