May 4th, 2010


Have you played Metal Gear

I am really, tremendously bad at Metal Gear games. It surprises me that the guards even bother looking for me, to be honest. I generally make enough noise to alert even the sleepiest of Russian mercenaries to my position, and then I run around like a headless chicken trying to find a hiding spot.

It doesn't help that the games feature non-fatal ways to incapacitate enemies. Give me a game where I can avoid killing people and I'll immediately turn into the most pacifistic guy you've ever met, at least until my Ghandi-like adherence to nonviolence becomes too annoying to carry on. In MGS2, it happened during the fight with Vamp, because I couldn't track him quickly enough with the pistol. With MGS3 it may well happen tonight when I retry the bridge scene. Yep, I'm barely three screens into the game (which is about 45 minutes worth of cutscenes and maybe 10 minutes of actual gameplay) and I'm already angry enough to just start snapping necks and taking names.

Oh, and thanks for getting rid of the radar and replacing it with a bunch of battery-operated sonar devices, not to mention increasing the complexity of sneaking around by adding camouflage options. I've heard the complaints about Raiden, but frankly, I fail to see how playing "Dress-Up Snake" is supposed to be any more masculine.

And from the "games I actually enjoy" department, the Fangamer Game Club is taking on Majora's Mask this month. It's just the first week, so there's still plenty of time to catch up.