June 3rd, 2010

My Equally Valid Opinion

Act III: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

They didn't exactly lie to him. He'd just assumed. It'll be in the evening, right? That's when everything happens. No, it turned out it was in the afternoon. Technically it extended into the evening. But he was home in plenty of time to have not made everyone worry if he'd known, or bothered to ask. Still missed the concrete elbow riding up on the captain, the old-fashioned deathplay returning. Never thought he'd prefer that to what had become of the man before, a sad, strange elder, sweeping up relics of the moment, the Romans burning down the library at Alexandria. Good allegory. Thinking like that will see him taken more seriously next year, he thinks.

He'll have nobody to live up to on the weekend again. That's going to be different; he'd just gotten used to the change. Best call up the boys and give the rest of 'em something else to worry about.