July 13th, 2010


Write like

I pasted a dozen or so random entries into I Write Like to see what author I could be arbitrarily compared to. It seems when I write about sports, I sound like Stephen King; when I write about video games, I'm Chuck Palahniuk; and perhaps most bizarrely, my fiction is comparable to Dan Brown, with traces of Margaret Atwood and H.P. Lovecraft in the background.

I wish instead of a straight "this piece reads like" result, it would give me a little chart: 58% Fight Club, 29% The Stand, 9% Angels & Demons, 2% each The Handmaiden's Tale and The Dunwich Horror. Conversely, maybe when I get home I'll run one of my books through it. That'll either give me a more complete idea of my authorship or crash the server. Maybe both.