August 19th, 2010


This is maybe more passive-aggressive than usual

My old lady complained at me yesterday that my alarm clocks woke her up. See, I have two clocks, because I find I can wake up better if I have a longer snooze-time, but their ancient designs only allow for nine minutes. (Why nine minutes? Why not ten?) I prefer about twenty, because then my head has a chance to screw back on properly, and the second alarm is just a perfunctory establishment that yes, it is in fact time to get up. But sometimes that doesn't work, so I slam the ol' nine-minute button and give it a third go.

Behind a closed door, alarms aren't a problem, but on these warm summer nights I have to keep mine open as the air conditioner is in my room. This arrangement suits me just fine: I like it a little chilly when I sleep, and the hum of the fan helps to lull me out. But apparently, my alarm setup was untenable for my dear, oversensitive mother. The first alarm wakes her up from all the way down the hall, and then she can't get back to sleep! Never mind that she used to get up at seven o'clock sharp every day to feed the cat; evidently she's backsliding on that arrangement, possibly because the cat likes to come to me first regarding her unfed status now. Maybe my bed is easier to climb on, I don't know.

So today, half in the spirit of tolerance and half in experimentation, I tried rolling back my alarms to 7:15 and 7:35 respectively, and immediately switched each one off when it activated -- no extra snoozing. Result: I was out of bed sometime around 8:30, yet I was the first one up.

I'm starting to think that my mother's waking patterns have nothing to do with my alarms and everything to do with whatever is going on with her, so tomorrow I'm planning to go back to my usual times and hit the snooze as much as I like, and if she complains I'll just note that she had no problem with sleeping through them this morning. I mean, come on, I'm tryin' to meet you halfway here but I'm gettin' tired of showin' up for the later shift at work.