August 26th, 2010


Death to malaise

I decided last weekend it would be a good idea to beat all of Link to the Past in one fell swoop. 100%, all items all hearts all dungeon components every room visited full bombs and arrows the whole nine yards. Without stopping, so I could get a 000 on my game completion. I'd done 000/100% before, but that involved pausing and leaving the game on overnight. This was a straight run, albeit with movies -- no sense not using my sweet dual-screen setup.

I've been doing a pretty solid push-up regimen, the one on the one hundred push-ups website. I feel like an absolute badass. I barely managed 13 on my initial strength test. Last night I did 22 straight in my last rep. No idea if I'm losing weight (I really try not to get on the scale, because I never expect to see anything good) but lifting your own torso up off the ground is a pretty good encouragement to stop snacking so much and go for more walks.

Things are coming together nicely. Just 18 days to go. PAX is in there, let's see if I can't get through the weekend without collapsing like I usually do.