September 1st, 2010


Good idea (at the time)

We were out back, drinking scotch and smoking Camels, and he suggested we should go for a drive. I think I surprised him by saying, "sure, okay." I wasn't actually going to do it, but I get tired of always being the responsible dude who's like nawww we're way too cranked for crazy idea X. At some point we actually reversed our roles: he began to question my ability to operate a motor vehicle, and I said I'd test myself by backing out of the driveway -- if I could do that without scraping the paint job, I'd probably manage. I was stringing him along, and I'm not sure he noticed. Eventually I did turn him down, because he made the mistake of suggesting that we drive downtown and walk back. Are you crazy? I'm already at my house, my car is staying here overnight. Well, there's no good way to get downtown by the back roads anyway. But we can take a ride around the block if you feel like it. If he'd said yes to that, I think I would've done it. We'd been watching Wayne's World and I didn't want to back down.

When I leave, I'm coming back. When he leaves he'll be gone, maybe for years. It feels like we're changing, we're achieving our dreams. This is what I always thought growing up was supposed to be. This is September. Five days for him, twelve for me.