September 9th, 2010

My Equally Valid Opinion

Trick yourself

Can a god tell a lie so big, even he can't tell if it's true or not?

I've decided to like the Minnesota Vikings, because my brother-in-law does, and also because they have a defensive end with the same name as me. Also, this means I have at least two more excuses this year to watch American football, because they play in the same division as the other team I like, the Chicago Bears. I started liking them because the year they went on their crazy Super Bowl run, icEFusioN (blast from the past, kerpow) showed up on the Pocky/:D board and was like DA BEARS. Not even just when they were in the playoffs -- he was doing it during the preseason. It turned out to be prophetic. I decided to believe in his powers.

I'm not sure if I'll still care by the time their new season rolls around, but if I bother to pay attention to the NBA, I'll be one of those Miami Heat bandwagoners. Chris Bosh said he strung the fans along regarding his move just to screw with them, and I appreciate that sort of low-key deciso-apathy. Taking up an hour of ESPN programming to inflate your ego? Dumb. But intentionally obfuscating the news for the lulz? Awesome. Maybe a touch classless, but trolling always straddles that fine line.

I like Liverpool because I like their song; I like the Montreal Impact because they had a hell of a champions league run; I like the Sens because I live in the same city as them. I decided to believe in gods even though I know there can't really be any, because it makes me happy. Every one of these decisions seems as arbitrary as any other.

I'd like to do a study sometime. Take a sample group of people from around the country who don't watch a particular sport, and assign them in equal measure to random teams. Get them to research the sport in question and start rooting for "their" team. Some will be cheering for the home team, some will be for the guys on the other coast. At the end of the season, compare who won and who lost to how each arbitrary new fan is feeling. The expected result would be that the champs would have the happiest fans, but I wonder about that. I was actually kind of relieved when the Sens missed the playoffs two seasons back, yknow? It was like, finally, we've hit a nadir. The players know they can't get any lower than this. Now we can rebound and go for the big win. People are strange that way, how they rationalize and cope with the authorized barbarism of sports. I don't know, I think we've got a shot this year anyway, provided our defensive corps stays healthy and backs the power play properly. T-minus four days. Where did the time go?