September 22nd, 2010

Mike vs. Acid Tim

There are too many Ideas

I'm writing a story in my head about a group of people, all of whom got Problems.

I had a dream where I wrote this really emo song in my head. The song was about how I'd be perfectly happy to blow up the universe tomorrow if it meant a girl would fall desperately in love with me today. It was a terribly shitty song, but it helped me ignore the fact that I was being crucified by the army in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

There was also another dream where a hyena bit me on the nuts. Seriously! I was bleeding from my nuts.

Regoodifying smnet is progressing slowly, slowly, slowly. But it's progressing, and that's the important thing. Progress is made not in leaps and bounds, but in the preparatory building of ramps and trampolines to engage said leaping/bounding.

Life is pretty good. I'm losing weight if my scale is to be believed. I didn't think I could do 120 pushups over five reps, culminating with thirty-three in a row, but I proved myself wrong.

Did you know hockey is back? Did you know I'm watching american football, for reasons I can't begin to fathom? Did you know baseball playoffs start in October? Did you know video games are effectively trapped in a pseudocycle because the industry itself is a game, built to be a simulacrum of the reactive cycle of other, more traditional media, producing its originators, deconstructions, spoofs, and regenerations all at once?