October 7th, 2010

My Equally Valid Opinion

For Purposes of Posterity

Because the NHL forces the season to start at the absurd time of noon EST, My Equally Valid Opinion actually isn't quite so Valid if I post it halfway through the second period of Carolina versus Minnesota (in Helsinki.) So here are my picks, for your reference and mine. Explanations are forthcoming, but suffice to say these have been validated by my Top Secret Scientific Method Of Science.

Western Conference

1. Detroit Red Wings
2. Los Angeles Kings
3. Vancouver Canucks
4. San Jose Sharks
5. Chicago Blackhawks
6. Phoenix Coyotes
7. St. Louis Blues
8. Edmonton Oilers

Eastern Conference

1. New Jersey Devils
2. Washington Capitals
3. Boston Bruins
4. Pittsburgh Penguins
5. Ottawa Senators
6. Buffalo Sabres
7. Philadelphia Flyers
8. Atlanta Thrashers

Full playoff predictions to come tomorrow, but on paper I've got the Caps beating the 'Yotes in the final.

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Conference Quarter-Finals

Detroit Red Wings (1) def. Edmonton Oilers (8) in seven
Los Angeles Kings (2) def. St. Louis Blues (7) in five
Phoenix Coyotes (6) def. Vancouver Canucks (3) in six
San Jose Sharks (4) def. Chicago Blackhawks (5) in four
New Jersey Devils (1) def. Atlanta Thrashers (8) in four
Washington Capitals (2) def. Philadelphia Flyers (7) in six
Buffalo Sabres (6) def. Boston Bruins (3) in five
Ottawa Senators (5) def. Pittsburgh Penguins (4) in seven

Conference Semi-Finals

Phoenix Coyotes (6) def. Detroit Red Wings (1) in six
San Jose Sharks (4) def. Los Angeles Kings (2) in six
New Jersey Devils (1) def. Buffalo Sabres (6) in five
Washington Capitals (2) def. Ottawa Senators (5) in six

Conference Finals

Phoenix Coyotes (6) def. San Jose Sharks (4) in five
Washington Capitals (2) def. New Jersey Devils (1) in six

Stanley Cup Final

Washington Capitals (2) def. Phoenix Coyotes (6) in five